Tuesday, March 3, 2020

 I will be embarking on a whole new journey. A multi-media project. I am weaving a tale, song, crafts and essays on modern beekeeping into one epic project; there will be a sword, and jewelry, and perhaps a book and CD.

Rather than a kickstarter, or philanthropy, I have created a Patreon, to allow for a basic, predictable income while I work on a concept so vast. I like making swords, but rarely profit, and paying the bills can be a struggle. For as little as $3 a month I will offer my Patrons stories, songs, rewards such as handcrafted badges, honey, raffled smithcrafted artifacts & a secret look into a project I mean to pursue for many years to come. There will be blades and jewels available only to my Patrons! And you can help me sing the song of our endangered friends, the bees.

Please like, share or join me on www.patreon.com/jarthurloose